CC Shave This – Body Hair for Genesis 8 Male(s)

CC Shave This - Body Hair for Genesis 8 Male(s)


Tired of clean-shaven men? Well, Shave This! CC Shave This is a full suite of body hair for Genesis 8 Male(s). Hair for his chest and stomach, arms, armpits, knuckles, back, legs, even his unmentionables!

CC Shave This is a fibermesh body hair set. The chest & stomach hair has 24 shapes (which can be used alone or combined) as well as 5 modifiers that will only affect the hair that is active. Arm hair can be full, upper or lower only and also has 5 modifier morphs. Leg hair can be full, glute, upper or lower only and has 6 modifier morphs. Armpit hair can be full, a little less or minimal with 4 modifier morphs. Knuckle hair can be full or removed from certain fingers and has 4 modifier morphs. Back hair has 5 modifier morphs. Both anatomical element hairs have several morphs available.

Every region's hair is set up with 3 material zones to get natural color variations of hair without making new texture maps! The UV maps make it completely compatible with hair material add-ons like UHT2: Ultimate Color! CC Shave This comes with 120 full-color options as well as 9 options for salt and pepper to match CC Beard Boss and CC Hole Hair! With 2 UV options, Genesis 8 Male can have a consistent rainbow across his whole body!

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