CC Orion for Nix 8

CC Orion for Nix 8


CC Orion for Nix 8 is an HD character with several charming aspects. Alien, devil, demon or fiend, he comes with a selection of custom morphs for the ears, eyes, fangs, and fingernails. He comes with custom fibermesh body hair for the chest, anatomical elements, 2 brows (regular and bushy), and eyelashes (all compatible with CC Beard Boss and CC Shave This materials).

Orion comes with 4 base skins-- human, icy devil, fiery demon and shadow fiend. He can sport 15 base eye colors and 3 more alien eyes including glowing and full black. He also has 6 makeup options and 1 ear black option. For your convenience, there are 16 color and shimmer color presets for the makeups. Aside from his natural lips, he has 10 colors he can wear either in full, soft or kiss style, as well as 4 gloss options, 4 smoothness options, 2 shimmer options, 2 color blend options and 5 coverage options. His fingernails and toenails have color, shine and shimmer options matching his lips.

Orion also comes with his own horns with 7 material options. Nix's spine has custom HD detailing as well and materials to match the horns. As a bonus, lip, fingernail and toenail materials matching the horns and spine are also included for a truly alien appearance.

Required Products: Nix 8

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