CB Isla G3F & G8

CB Isla G3F & G8


Isla is a hand sculpted custom character with standard morph additions. All Diffuse, Specular, Normal and Bump Maps are HD quality for a more realistic render finish.

Created using Zbrush she works perfectly with Genesis 3 without the need for addidtional morphs and addons, Genesis 8 morphs have also been provided for your new G8 figure.

Fantasy character in they style of a porcelian doll, with more delicate frame and proportions. Fairy / Elven ears can be added or removed as desired. The model comes with both pale and realistic skin tones with soft makeup options for you to mix an match along with LIE White eyebrows that can be applied over any face makeup and white lash colour change..

2 IRay Spotlight included for optional use.

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