Cat Keyhole Lingerie Material Add-on for G8F

Cat Keyhole Lingerie Material Add-on for G8F


Materials Made for Cat Keyhole Genesis 8 Female(s)

Material Styles included:
1. Foxy Material Preset (duf)
2. NeonBunny Material Preset (duf)
3. Spider Material Preset (duf)
4. Bunny Material Preset (duf)
5. Venom Material Preset (duf)
6. Sheep Material Preset (duf)
7. Pirate Material Preset (duf)

Additional Material Preset include:
1. Hide Frills (duf)
2. Show Frills (duf)
3. Hide Laces (duf)
4. Show Laces (duf)

Material files are saved as presets, simply select the outfit piece or pieces and apply the material.

Required Products: Cat Keyhole Lingerie Outfit G8F

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