Cassiopeia for Genesis 3 Female

Cassiopeia for Genesis 3 Female


The queen of Aethiopia, was the wife of King Cepheus. Both beautiful and vain she would be punished by Poseidon for daring to say that she and her daughter Andromeda were more beautiful than the daughters of the sea god Nereus. Cassiopeia would have to sacrifice her own daughter to Cetus the sea monster in order to appease the wrath of Poseidon, but as this never came to pass, Poseidon, as punishment, chained her to a chair in the heavens for eternity so each and every night we can look up and see the vanity of Cassiopeia.

Cassiopeia with her milk white skin comes to you today in beautiful high resolution (4096 x 4096) boasting 11 Eye colours, 10 Make-up options, 10 Lip colours and 10 Nail and Toenail options. She is ready for all occasions and she will quickly captivate you with her renders.

Required Products: Victoria 7

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