Car Ranger + Iray Addon

Car Ranger + Iray Addon


Car Ranger

Car Ranger has a legendary 3D model body that combines rugged good looks with luxury SUV amenities. The interior is trimmed in leather, wood and chrome. The vehicle comes in three colors: black, green and blue. Also included are two driver poses for Michael 4 and Genesis, premiere 3D models. Features include moveable hoods, moveable cover, moveable gearknob, moveable doors, moveable glass, moveable helm, moveable trunk, moveable support, moveable needles and moveable wheels. Color options include blue, black and green.

Car Ranger Iray Addon

This extensive set of Iray 3D textures and light props for Car Ranger includes three interior options (White, Tan, Black), several clean body colors (Black Special Ops, Tan, White, Blue Storm, Lichen, Red Wine, Silver Sky, White Frost), camo colors (Green, Treebark), plus additional muddy and dirty versions (Dirty Black, Dirty Camo Green, Dirty Camo Treebark, Dirty Tan, Dirty White).

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