Bubble Hair for Genesis 8 Female

Bubble Hair for Genesis 8 Female


Bubble Hair for the Genesis 8 Female(s)

What you get:

This package includes a funky hairdo for the Genesis 8 Female(s). The bubble tail is fully rigged with 12 bones for flexible posing.

Included figures:
- BubbleHair (duf)

Material Presets Iray:
- 11 Natural hair colors
- 11 Fantasy hair colors
- 11 Colors for the hair ties
- 5 patterns for the hair ties
- 5 Metal textures for the Hair Tail Deco
- 5 Patterns for Hair Tail Deco Cup

Pose Controls:
- Tail Curl around neck L
- Tail Curl around neck R
- Tail Curve Back
- Tail Curve Side-Side
- Tail Lower Front-Back
- Tail Lower Swing Left
- Tail Lower Swing Right
- Tail Over Shoulder L
- Tail Over Shoulder R
- Tail Swing Front-Back
- Tail Swing Left
- Tail Swing Right
- Tail Tip Swing Left
- Tail Tip Swing Right

Show/Hide Options:
- Hide HairDeco
- Show HairDeco
- Hide HairDecoCup

For a full list of included morphs, please view the read me file.

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