Breasts Factory for G3F

Breasts Factory for G3F


Breasts Factory for Genesis 3 Females.


  • 19 custom breasts morphs for Genesis 3 female
  • 11 refine morphs
  • 10 partial poses
  • 8 presets
  • 5 ERC movements controls
  • 7 aerolas and nipples morphs

All morphs have the thumbs preview.


Load Genesis 3, the morphs are located in parameters tab and shapping tab in the folder named "Breasts Factory Morphs". Genesis 3 Female > Actor > Breasts Factory Morphs.


  • Aerola and Nipples > custom morphs
  • Movements > ERC controls dials to move the breasts in different directions.
  • Partial poses > These dials inject a partial pose to G3F (upper body + arms) and a set of morphs adjusts the breasts according to the pose (see promos images / thumbs). Note adjust the dial to 100% and G3F that either zero pose and no other morphs. Then to the lower body, you can apply a partial pose of your library.
  • Presets > Preset morphs mixtures.
  • Refine > morphs that sculpt certain areas of the breasts. Useful for customizing a preset (digging, pushing, etc ...).
  • Styles > a collection of breasts curves: small, large, ultra large, extrem, etc... mix several styles to achieve the desired design.

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