Boxing Gym Female Fight Poses

Boxing Gym Female Fight Poses


Boxing Gym Female Fight Poses

Add-on BOXING GYM Pack, Fight Boxing Gym Poses is a set of 60 fighting poses (36 poses + 24 mirrors ) for Genesis 2, 3 and 8 Females. All poses are available in the proper height for use with the boxing ring from Boxing Gym.

Poses can be adjusted to fit many different Body Shapes, clothes and shoes(According to the shoes that you use some height adjustment ("Y" parameters) may be required). These poses are the result of researches on different boxing stance to be realist as much as possible. Some of them are instance a hopping work feet with a minimalist impact on the ground.

This is an expansion pack that contains poses (female boxing poses sparring and fighting) cover boxing moves: Perfect Boxing Stance, offense, defense, and footwork, cross, hook, uppercut, (Step Jab, Body Jab, Pivot Jab, Power Jab), Pull, Straight Left, Orthodox Stance, Southpaw Stance, Box Bounce, Punching, Potshots, Footwork, Blocking, Parrying, Rolling, Slipping, counter-offense!

Scene Props, Character, Clothes, Outfits on image are not included!

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