Bootleggers 2 – Double Trouble G3F


Bootleggers 2 - Double Trouble set is a very special set of boots.It contains a basic black thigh high boot, with several additional pieces transforming the boots into an ultra sexy strappy boot (which comes with it's own flogger) or transforming it into a robust fantasy assassin boots which come with a set of sai weapons. This set is made of 8 different pieces which can be mixed and matched.

Highlights of this set:

  • Base Boot - which can be used as a standalone boot.
  • Strappy addition with a flogger prop.
  • Fantasy addition with boot spats, two bandages, thigh weapon harness and Sai daggers.
  • 5 Base boot texture sets with displacement maps.
  • Dark and light fantasy boot texturing
  • 6 Metal shader options
  • 19 Utility poses
  • 9 Wearable presets

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