Bird Cage For Genesis 3 TAB

Bird Cage For Genesis 3 TAB


Bird Cage for Genesis 3 TAB, Male & Female. Iray Only.

1. Load G3M/G3F and TaB for G3M/G3F

2. Select "TAB" , Click "BirdCage_G3MTAB"/"BirdCage_G3FTAB" ,the BirdCage will load with 2 morphs for G3M/G3F TAB.

- The 2 Morphs can be found by select TAB then choose Parameters -- Rigging.
- Use BallAdjust to adjust ball size.The Cage was parented to the "Shaft1" node of "TAB".

3. "visibility"folder: In default setting the 3 chains and extra lock was hidden, can use "visibility" to make them visible.
Apply 0_Default again to make them invisible.

4. "Cage&Lock_mat" folder: contain 6/8 different materials.

5. "Chain_Shader" folder: contain 3 types of materials for 3 Chains and 1 PA_Ring.

Use "Surface Selection Tool" select the chains / rings then apply the material.

6. Select TAB and under Parameters -- Rigging , there are 6 Adjust morphs for adjust chains of cage.

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