Benita for Victoria 8

Benita for Victoria 8


Benita is a mature character for Victoria 8 and comes with several make-up styles, eye colours, fibermesh eyebrows and vellus hair.

Benita's fibermesh brows are designed to enhance her default texture brows.

She also comes with an optional Iris Concave morph, which enhances realism in some renders. By default the shaping preset sets it to 100%, but I would recommend 30-50% for most situations.

Benita requires Victoria 8 and Genesis 8 Female Head Morphs for her shape.

Benita is optimized for Iray only.

Note: Benita's Bump and Normal settings can be a little strong in some renders. For example, I halved the Bump and Normal settings for her close-up Hand and Arm render, however, the default was perfect in others.

Required Products: Genesis 8 Female Morphs, Victoria 8

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