This set is a working Autopsy. By that I mean every morgue draw opens every tray slides. The sink taps and facets are movable, as well as the scale and the organ dish for the scale is removable.

The rolling body cart has moving locking tabs, moving wheels and sliding trays. The freezer opens, and the main doors swing both ways. The set is optimized for Iray using emissive settings on all the light fixtures. You can arrange the tables and carts and freezes however you want, the Autopsy loads with an open floor plan and any wall can be hidden for better views. Two presets are includes to speed things up.

The set also comes with two poses for Genesis 2 Male and Female for the autopsy table and they have matching autopsy clothes for the poses. There is an outer hall area out side the swinging doors to extend the action. The set although designed with Iray in mind has material presets for rendering in 3Delight.

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