Achieve depth, haze, fog, divine rays of light, supernatural moods, alien atmospheres, and several weather conditions with this prop-based set. Included are 12 colors, 6 density levels, and 10 texture effects which are new to this set.

A 4k HDR render setting is included for even more depth and to create a soft diffused light

A non-rendering rig is included to help you see the boundaries of the prop in the main viewport or you can use the drawing style, Hidden Line. Specific atmospheric density is now very easy to control in the “density” channel by clicking through the 50 settings or by dragging the slider. If you need to go beyond these settings click parameters gear and uncheck “use limits”.

A standard camera is included, placed outside the atmospheric prop, this assists with rendering the new texture effects. You can also render from inside the prop. Some of the effects look very different depending on whether the camera is inside or outside the prop, so please experiment. Some materials adjust surfaces, some override, so a full reset preset is included in order to go back to default. Several color presets are included that lightly tint the atmosphere. If you want the color to be more saturated the most realistic way is through lighting. If the desired effect is some type of toxic or colored gas, then changing color in the refraction channel will work well.

A spotlight with a narrow spread angle and no geometry assigned is the best way to create sharp clear rays.

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