Astronaut for Genesis 3 Male(s)

Astronaut for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Astronaut for Genesis 3 Male and Michael 7 is the long-awaited Astronaut suit from Midnight_stories. It an authentic Astronaut recreation based on the moon landing. It comes in a ten piece set. Both in Iray and 3Delight material sets. It has 2 main sub-set item for easy loading, these have specific limits and morphs applied to them, Plus a pose control group dedicated to controlling the suit, which make it even easier to work with.

There’s a morph for expanding the suit, to get a more authentic look, Backpack is connected to the suit with tubes and can be posed without distortion. There’s Michael 7 shape support and various adjustment dials. The material come with Emission shaders for the light and I have included several color for the light inside the helmet. There 10 Hierarchical Poses plus a Zero pose to reset. The tubes do have adjustments to help with posing. It has highly detailed textures and wrinkle all in 4K. This is a must for all you space fans and be on the lookout for the Moon 360 pack.

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