Astraios Ranger for Genesis 3 Male(s)

Astraios Ranger for Genesis 3 Male(s)


Astraios Ranger for Genesis 3 Male(s) is the latest sci-fi outfit from Midnight_stories. This is a Hi tech suit with hard surface armor. A beautify crafted set, of suit and helmet with sharp edges and highly detailed normal maps. Morph shapes supported are Micheal 7,Leo 7, and Gianni 7 the rest can use auto-fit to generate shapes.

It comes with 10 wearable and material presets in metals and shiny plastics, in both Iray and 3Delight shaders. Also 5 light maps for the Iray to get that glowing light effect. Also coming is the Genesis 3 Female version plus a war torn material pack. This give you a totally new level of detail. A must have for all you sci-fi fans.

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