Ashlyn HD for Genesis 8 Female

Ashlyn HD for Genesis 8 Female


The product contains custom morphs for Genesis 8 Female. The head morph is HD compatible, being sculpted at subdivision level 3 in zBrush. The body morph does not require subdivision, but some details will show better if used. This package does not contain the Pro Bundle anatomy textures.

The makeup options are LIE-based, including an eye liner and brow shade option, for that trendy bold look. The Lip colors are not LIE-based, but use the traditional textures.

10 vibrant eye colors, including 2 fantasy colors: dark red and bright platinum.

The head and body morph are independent so you may mix and match with your other morphs.

Along with the texture-based brows, and brow shade, also included is a fiber-mesh 3D brow shaped to match the texture.

Material presets include various bump, translucency, and shine options.

One-click presets for navel & nipple application and removal.

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