Ancient Swarm for Genesis 8

Ancient Swarm for Genesis 8


Once, each of them was human. They loved, they laughed, they mourned, they updated their Facebook accounts. But, they swarm the moonlit land like locusts. They glide over the ground like snakes, they climb walls like spiders, they overpower through sheer numbers like marching ants. And victim by victim, they add to their number under cover of darkness.

Will these young Genesis 8 couples, caught out after sunset, battle their way to safety, so they can huddle behind stone walls until dawn brings the promise of reaching an outpost? Or will they fall beneath the swarm, mere feet from a desolate haven, only to rise again as creatures of the night?

It’s your tale to paint. In a world poised between Heaven and Hell, not all stories have happy endings.

Fifteen poses for Genesis 8 Males & Females, divided into three conflict areas, plus three general-purpose icky creatures skulking around on general principles.A Zero pose is included, as is a preload scene with the underbrush placement tuned to the action.

Required Products: Purgation

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