Ancient Mystical Forest

Ancient Mystical Forest


Ancient Mystical Forest is a complete environmental package, replete with everything needed to render stunning images out of the box, including a rich high detail landscape, trees, foliage objects, lighting, atmospheric effects, and cameras. What you see in the promos is what you get! Any of the promos can be reproduced in minutes by simply loading the respective camera and pressing render.

And yes, it is massive! Measuring 1,000 x 1,000 meters square and 30 million effective polygons, there is plenty of landscape here to set your story to. And thanks to a special instancing feature, the viewport is just as fast and snappy as a scene with only 250k polygons (because that is what the computer actually sees). Yes, that's right, 30 million polygons packed in a super-fast low latency scene! So nice!

PDF user guide included with instructions on how to scatter your own objects on the terrain (distributions maps included!)

- Recommended GPU: 970 or greater.
- Recommended scatter plugin (for scattering additional foliage from your library): Ultrascatter

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