Amira HD & Expressions HD for Genesis 8 Female


Amira HD & Expressions HD for Genesis 8 Female.

Amira includes the following:

  • 5 custom sculpted HD expression morphs (smile full, smile shy, sad, resent, gross)
  • Asymmetric high-detail HD morph
  • Fibremesh eyebrows
  • Realistic skin pores and a meticulously tuned skin shader preset
  • Better foot bends
  • Head asymmetry morph
  • Heavily sculpted feet and a neutralizing morph in case shoes won't fit
  • Custom navel morph that dials in automatically with the base Genesis 8 Female Navel morph
  • Custom sculpted teeth with asymmetry
  • 4 eye colors
  • A no-makeup and 5 makeups separated into lips and eyes
  • Lipgloss ON/OFF presets
  • Flushed cheeks LIE preset
  • 2 Lashline LIE presets
  • 3 metallic makeup presets
  • Presets for white and natural teeth color

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