Amalie Adornments for Genesis 3

Amalie Adornments for Genesis 3


Amalie Adornments is a beautiful headpiece and ear chains for the Genesis 3 Female.

The headpiece will fit the Genesis 3 Female character head morphs with no problem. Please note that this headpiece was created to use with mostly hair with "Updo" styles and other style hair that is pulled back from the face. There is a left and right temple adjust morph to assist if needed.

Each of the ear chain earrings are props, so they may need some manual adjustment with the translation dials when using a head morph that includes any changes in ear shape or placement. They do have "swing morphs" (front, back, side-to-side) to use when posing the head. Also included in the "back" ear chains, is a morph to use with Amalie's Elven Ear morphs when needed.

Included in this package:

- Amalie Headpiece (.duf)
- Amalie Ear Chain Front, L & R (.duf)
- Amalie Ear Chain Back, L & R (.duf)
- Shiny and Brushed Textures, Gold (.duf)
- Shiny and Brushed Textures, Silver (.duf)

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