AlterZen 2 – Iray Emissives and Props


Emissive materials, unique props and scene subsets.


16 Individual Loading Props:

02 Squared Containers
02 Round Containers
02 Rectangular Containers
06 Twisted Rays Candle Holders
01 Tall Pillar Candle Holder
01 Small Cup
01 Super Morphing Candle
01 Rope

07 Scene Subsets of Grouped Props

30 Candle Colors
06 Halo Colors
04 Flame Colors
Utilities for Intensity on Flame and Halo
53 Candle Shapes
10 Flame Shapes

21 Candle Holder Color Materials
31 Extra Single Shaders
10 Rope Colors
20 Partial Shapes

07 Container/Tray Colors
05 Water Color - 04 Ripple styles
19 Sand & Pebbles Layer Materials
15 Extra Single Pebbles Shaders


20 NEW BackPlate Decal Designs
to be used with AlterZen 1 Backplate
or any Square Mesh with UVs.
NO COLORS included..


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