Alien Metals – Iray Shaders for DAZ Studio

Alien Metals - Iray Shaders for DAZ Studio


Alien Metals includes 14 alien design Iray shader presets to use for your sci-fi or fantasy scenes when you need an extra-terrestrial look for sci-fi suits, weapons, space ships, machines, structures or those invading cyborgs!

Seven of the designs have a top and base color setting so that you can mix and match the color layers. Six designs have a single base color. For all of these choose from the 41 color presets supplied (or you can apply your own custom colors from DAZ Studio's built in color picker). For the dual color designs there are hundreds of possible color combinations. We don't know the alien names for these colors so earthly ones have been provided for ease of use.

The final design is 'Vision' which is supplied with it's own color presets. You can use the top and base layer color presets with it if you prefer, and the vision presets can also be applied to the other dual color design presets - but this design is so alien the color results may not be as you expect!

Also included are 8 glossy roughness presets for the base and top layers so you can change the shine appearance of the metals, and 5 tiling presets.

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