Ahegao Faces & Kawaii Poses G8

Ahegao Faces & Kawaii Poses G8


Layla proudly presents - Kawaii Poses & Ahegao Faces (2 in 1!) - The Ultimate Anime / Hentai style Facial Expressions and Sexy Female Poses!

This pose set contains 50 poses for Genesis 8 Females. 25 Full Body Poses + 25 Facial Expression Poses.

P.S. Turn all limits OFF if prompted during the loading process.

(If the tongue is not sticking out as shown on pictures it means that you've accidentally (or purposefully) turned off the limits dialogue, here is how to reset it: Go to "Edit", then "Preferences", then "Content" tab and select the relevant option in the "Pose / Shaping Preset Loading".)

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