3DA Maeve for G8F


Maeve by 3-D Arena is an extremely versatile new character for Genesis 8 Female.

Maeve's makeup & nail options are node based. This means that you can use the included "Quick Click" colours to get the shades you want or simply change to the colour of your own choice.

It is suggested that if you wish to change her skin tone you apply the skin shader options 1st. This is only required due to the layered options. If you don't intend to use any of the layer options you are able to change the skin shaders whenever you want.

You do NOT have to select Maeve's eyelashes separately to apply any of her eyelash options. Nor do you need to load the lashes when using the character option. Since her eyelash morph applies when you apply her head you will find 4 separate eyelash options; to remove, apply and add Diva length to the lashes.

These shaders are NOT resources.

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